Agro-Industrial Park K-AGRO becomes the area for the only «Factory is behind the glass» on Gourmet chocolate and coffee production in Russia

On November 20, 2017, Agroimpeks-Trade LLC signed a document that fixed an intention to realize the investment project, which is unique for Russia, on Gourmet chocolate and coffee production on the territory of Agro-Industrial park K-AGRO.

Sergey Tolstikov, Director of Marketing, Agroimpeks-Trade LLC:

« We deal with cocoa beans and green coffee in Russia and CIS more than 25 years. Agroimpeks-Trade company began to think about factory construction after visit of the best European factories, both on roasting of top-grade coffee and on production of the real gourmet-chocolate made from unique sorts of cocoa beans. We visited raw materials growth zones and spent years to study European technologies that let us to choose needed equipment, and at last, we have decided to achieve our dreams - to construct a unique production in Russia. Our project provides clustering which will combine commercial production, the cognitive and educational missions. The project implies construction of aesthetically well-favoured building where all internal walls and baffles in a production zone will be made of glass. Visitors, professional and beginning chocolatiers and baristas will be able to observe process and production phases in real time. Design is provided with zone "Gourmet" where we are going to carry out sampling and training seminars. We are intent on involvement of leading Russian experts and recognized European masters for author's projects. According our considered opinion “Factory Behind the Glass” project is logically entered in Import Substitution Programme and will have a big following, it is without equals in Russia, and high quality of product surely finds the Customer".

Marina Golovanova, General Director, Agroimpeks-Trade LLC:

“Considering that an aesthetic appearance of the factory and its comfortable and safe conditions are very influential for project concept, we designated high requirements to the industrial zone of our future production site. Key indicators of search were location in the ecological area, attractive environment, developed engineering infrastructure and at the same time comfortable transport system close to Moscow. Frankly speaking, we were disappointed after searching of the required area in the Moscow region and we almost have virtually lost hope for implementation of our old dream. Searching of the required area in the Moscow region, I admit, we were disappointed, and we have already practically lost hope to come true of our lifelong dream. A package deal from Agro-Industrial park K-AGRO on the solution of high-priority problem concerning a realization of our project, has made us one step closer to the long-cherished goal.”

Commencement of construction is planned for 2018 year.