Construction began on the hi-tech fish-processing factory in the “Food park” of K-Agro agro-industrial park

During the meeting the parties discussed all the questions regarding a commencement of the fish-processing factory construction. Alexander Evdokimov stressed that new enterprise is designed to provide production equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows not only to produce high quality products but also to conform to all necessary demands of environmental preservation. Highly skilled specialists of Kaluga region are involved in the construction of the facility who were previously involved in erecting production facilities in industrial park Vorsino. Delivery of structural steel and other construction components will be carried out by the Finnish-Russian company RUUKKI which production capacities are located in Balabanovo city Kaluga region, in the vicinity of fish-processing factory site. Stanislav Filippov assured investor that project will get an effective interaction and support at all stages of implementation of the investment project. Alexander Evdokimov has thanked representatives of "K-Agro" and Administration of the Borovskiy district Kaluga region for active cooperation and support in implementation of this important project.